Exelica spreadsheet reporting

Products Summary

If you're looking for high performance spreadsheet reporting products, you'll find that the full line of spreadsheet reporting products from Exelica Spreadsheet Solutions are the affordable and reliable choice.
Exelica Spreadsheet Reporting V3.0 Learn More
Exelica v3.0 ScreenShot Exelica enables your clients to output MS Excel compatible reports with active formulas from their Java applications. In order to keep Exelica relevant to your clients' needs, we continually plan and develop exciting new features for future versions of Exelica.
Exelica Add-in for Microsoft Excel Learn More
Exelica Add-in for Microsoft Excel ScreenShot Exelica Add-in for MS Excel enables you to use reports created by Exelica Report Designer in Microsoft Excel.

Using Exelica Add-in for MS Excel you can design Microsoft Excel workbooks that combine Exelica reports and data from other Microsoft Excel workbooks.
Exelica Enterprise Server Learn More
Exelica Enterprise Server ScreenShot Exelica Enterprise Server is the web platform for working with Exelica Reports. It provides support for uploading, executing, viewing and scheduling reports for execution.