Exelica spreadsheet reporting

Exelica Add-in for Microsoft Excel 2003 Overview

View screenshot Exelica Add-in for Microsoft Excel 2003 enables you to manage, and refresh reports created by Exelica Report Designer in Microsoft Excel without the need to get out of Excel.

Using Exelica Add-in for MS Excel you can design Microsoft Excel workbooks that combine Exelica reports and data from other Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Before you can use the Exelica Add-in to insert Exelica reports, you will probably need to configure some of its settings, such as the location of the Local Report Engine if you are using the local report engine, or the location of the Exelica web service which will process the reports from the remote repository. You can also configure the default settings of the UI elements used to display the Exelica reports inside the Excel sheet.

The Exelica Add-in menu bar provides you with quick access to all common commands. It provides you with a quick access to Embedded Reports in a workbook. You can view and modify the Exelica Add-in settings, view and modify the reports in the workbook.

The Refresh All command is also available from the main Exelica Add-in submenu and from the context menu. This command becomes available as soon as the workbook contains at least one Embedded Report.
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