Exelica spreadsheet reporting


Exelica - it is cool!
The right product
Exelica is a well designed reporting tool that has evolved over several years of careful development. It provides productivity advantages for the business user, it saves hundreds of hours on custom Java development, and it offers programmers a powerful a spreadsheet report designer. Exelica embeds with Java applications to provide companies a unique spreadsheet reporting solution to compliment their product line and improve their appeal to the business user.
The right opportunity
The Exelica development team, from the Innovico Technology Group Inc., is offering a simple yet comprehensive opportunity to a company interested in catering to the under-served spreadsheet reporting niche market.

We are prepared to provide:
  • Programmers and designers with deep expertise and commitment to this product.
  • A fully tested, operational product that includes source codes and designs for future versions.
  • The possibility of acquiring the complete intellectual property rights.
The right time
Although business users have embraced MS Excel for two decades, BI solution providers have largely disregarded it, until recently. MS Excel is finally getting credit for being an indispensable productivity tool. Companies are moving quickly to develop better ways to integrate their enterprise software with MS Excel.