Exelica spreadsheet reporting

Created for Business Users

Who is your reporting system created for?

Various end-users have various needs. Whether they receive sales reports, balance sheets, or the weekly football pool, some people simply read reports, while others use reports for extended analysis. We call users who interact with reports 'business users'.

Business users do not have programming skills or deep domain-specific application knowledge. They typically use report information to support tactical and strategic decisions, and to share their ideas with their peers. Forrester estimates 25% of report consumers in an organization are business users.

Microsoft Excel is the preferred tool for interacting with business data, therefore it is important to have a reporting system that is highly compatible with Microsoft Excel. Business users want a reporting systems that does the following:
  1. Facilitate extended data analysis.
  2. Require no special training.
  3. Allow users to employ their Microsoft Excel skills.
  4. Enable editing and emailing reports to peers with ease.
Exelica was created for business users.
Companies must first recognize the characteristics of each end user community and then map the necessary reporting functionality to them.
Forrester Report's Keith Gile