Exelica spreadsheet reporting

The Exelica Story

In the year 2000 our team at the Innovico Technology Group Inc. was working with a client to extend the capabilities of their software application. Investit Software wanted to improve the reporting features of their flagship product, which is a financial analysis suite for the real estate industry. Investit's customers were asking questions like:

"Why doesn’t the 'export to Excel' produce a clean result?" and,
"Can I embed formulas in my output reports to allow our clients to do further analysis?"

Investit utilized one of the industry's premier reporting tools, but unfortunately their 'page layout' reports did not reproduce perfect spreadsheets. We reviewed other reporting tools on the market and evaluated the costs and operating system requirements. We came to the conclusion that the best course of action was to build our own Java reporting tool to meet Investit's needs.

The initial project was intended to simplify spreadsheet report creation for Investit's programmers. After two years of development we decided to expand this project into a more comprehensive, user-friendly, flexible reporting system. We named it Exelica Spreadsheet Reporting.

Exelica's positive impact on Investit's usability encouraged us to consider its greater potential. A team of Exelica programmers and architects were assigned to the Exelica project. We devoted five years of planning, R&D and programming to the development of Exelica Version 2. Version 2 includes visual interfaces and WYSIWYG design tools. It is entirely written in Java, and designed to be integrated into PC or server-based business applications.

Ready to Integrate
We are extremely excited about the timing of Exelica as the market place is quickly recognizing the end-user demand for interactive spreadsheet reporting. It is no longer a secret that people want better integration of Microsoft Excel into their BI solutions. Exelica is poised to provide reporting tools to any business application producer interested in catering to this under-served niche market.

We've already begun plans for future versions of Exelica and are continually looking for ways to enhance our spreadsheet reporting tool. In particular we are considering developing a .NET edition, updating to accommodate the release of Microsoft Office 12, creating an enterprise version, and adding XML features.