Exelica spreadsheet reporting

The Company

Exelica is a spreadsheet reporting tool that caters to the business user. It offers the advantage of outputting perfectly formatted, active Microsoft Excel spreadsheet reports for business users to perform extended analysis, printing and emailing. It is entirely written in Java and it comes with many sophisticated features such as a visual report designer. Exelica's intellectual property rights are owned by the Innovico Technology Group Inc.

The Innovico Technology Group Inc. is a team of developers, led by Shahram Mojtabavi, with a focus on technology consulting and software design. We have invested several years of committed research, programming and testing into the Exelica project. Our most recent version of Exelica is designed for integration with Java-based applications.

We are currently seeking alliances with reporting solution providers who want to add spreadsheet reporting to compliment their application's suite of services.